About Nasim

dear me cropped color

Nasim Mansuri is an editor, writer, journalist and poet. She has written and published many articles on entertainment at Hypable.com, and spirituality and community service at BahaiTeachings.org, where she is also editorial staff. She occasionally writes about writing for the WPI Professional Writing Program blog.

She is the founder of the Young Writers’ Endeavor, a yearly, free, online writing workshop for youth from around the world.

Given that she’s lived in Paraguay, Israel, Tanzania, Lithuania and the USA, you’ll find hints of countries from around the world in her writing. She’s very passionate about the written word and its role in the betterment of society.

Originally from Paraguay, she’s pursuing a BS in Chemical Engineering and a BS in Professional Writing in Massachusetts, where she’s also engaged in establishing a strong junior youth and children’s spiritual empowerment program with the local community.

She’s a frequent participant of National Novel Writing Month, and fan fiction exchanges like the Narnia Fic Exchange. She’s also very passionate about ñanduti, traditional Paraguayan lace-making, and runs a small business selling crafts on Instagram at @nasimcrafts.

Nasim is a freelance editor for anything in English, Spanish, and translations. She could help you with your work! Find all that info here.

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