Updates: Published short story and new fics!

Rules of the Altar has been published! Follow the link to check it out and also read all of the amazing short stories Red Line Magazine chose for their 'Conflict' issue (spoiler alert: remember that story I told you I really enjoyed? It won the competition!). Submitting to that competition has been a really great experience and… Continue reading Updates: Published short story and new fics!

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Learning to edit

There are very few things as painful as having to cut a 6,000-word-long story down to under 3,000 words. Still, sometimes it's necessary. Editing and proofreading things has become almost as prevalent in my life as writing itself - I'm in the process of going through two novels for two different friends of mine (which I'll… Continue reading Learning to edit

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The Feeling – and a Short Story

It's been a crazy month! But it's been a month of new experiences. In my last post, I mentioned that I was doing a lot of research about the writing world. Well, I now have something to show for myself. Red Line Magazine has graciously accepted and short listed my submission to their 'Conflict' issue, so… Continue reading The Feeling – and a Short Story

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All characters should be like Peggy Carter

Okay, so they don't all have to be smart, beautiful, talented and noble-hearted women from the 40s/50s, but Peggy Carter is definitely one of the best-written characters I have ever seen in the action/adventure genre and the traits that make her so wonderful should be studied closely so that, in a world where it's surprisingly… Continue reading All characters should be like Peggy Carter