Mzungu Town: A glimpse into the post-colonial recovery timeline

My friend grasps my arm as we cross the street. I’m still struggling to understand cars driving on the opposite lanes from what I’m used to. A man shouts, laughing as he calls out to her. “Don’t touch Mzungu’s arm, the white will rub off on you!” Mzungu means ‘white’. It’s a new name I … Continue reading Mzungu Town: A glimpse into the post-colonial recovery timeline

Things I Learned From My Dentist(s)

Warning: The following post contains absolutely no technical terms. I know nothing of the mysterious yet extremely useful world of dentistry, so I'm sorry.  In the past year, I've had about 20 dentist appointments. This extended exposure to excavators and bibs was caused by many different factors: firstly, some weakness in my genes that makes my teeth more … Continue reading Things I Learned From My Dentist(s)

From Fiction… to College Essays

College applications are nothing like fiction writing. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve never really written much non-fiction, or because I’m just not used to explicitly talking about my own life in text, but I find it really really hard to write essays for college. I’ve learned that articles titled ‘TEN MISTAKES TO NEVER MAKE … Continue reading From Fiction… to College Essays

Carta a la Lengua Española

Yo sé que no te escribo a menudo; por favor, no pienses que es porque no te quiero. Sé que muchas personas dicen eso. Dicen que no te quiero, que intento olvidar mi pasado, mi niñez, mi historia. Que mi país y mi sangre no han dejado ningún rastro tuyo en mi. No es cierto. … Continue reading Carta a la Lengua Española

Updates: Published short story and new fics!

Rules of the Altar has been published! Follow the link to check it out and also read all of the amazing short stories Red Line Magazine chose for their 'Conflict' issue (spoiler alert: remember that story I told you I really enjoyed? It won the competition!). Submitting to that competition has been a really great experience and … Continue reading Updates: Published short story and new fics!