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Progress… and constructive procrastination, maybe.

[Please just ignore my progressively less eloquent post titles... I can't even name my novel. I need help.] It's the sixth day of NaNoWriMo, and my word count is at 8,676 right now, which is a good number... my goal for today is 10,002 (at least), so I should be fine. Yesterday, I discovered that it is… Continue reading Progress… and constructive procrastination, maybe.

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Writing diversity without propagating oppression

I was shocked when I realized that my FMC was, in my head, a young, Caucasian, blonde girl with a slender body. The main underlying theme of my novel is about prejudice and oppression! It's amazing how the media brainwashes us to immediately think of that sort of character in a leading role. I'm appalled at… Continue reading Writing diversity without propagating oppression

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Six – A Short Story

first They are young, but not that young –and honestly, neither of them think in terms of time: it is a foreign, meaningless concept invented by the weak who must measure the distance between themselves and their deaths– and it is in this world, because it is always in this world; perhaps she does not… Continue reading Six – A Short Story

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Ten strangely related things and one convoluted genre

Apparently the genre I'm planning to write is science fiction alternate history mystery. Which rhymes, and sort of makes me wonder if it's really a genre or if it's more of an awkward combination of words. Also, a friend just told me that the genre is officially called dieselpunk... but I just found retrofuturism, and now I'm confused... so I might… Continue reading Ten strangely related things and one convoluted genre


My one-shots are out of control.

This morning in the shower I totally had the intention of writing a really nice post about all my NaNoWriMo aspirations for this year, and how I'll be tackling misogyny and racism in a rather blatant way with my new novel. BUT INSTEAD! For the Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 I ended up writing this (I'll put it up… Continue reading My one-shots are out of control.

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The Incredible Unknown Power of Fanfiction

...or "How Fanfiction saved my brain". In the past years, I can't count the number of times people (namely my family) have scolded me for writing fanfiction instead of continuing to write my novels. Actually, they're right. When I'm in the middle of some awesome project that I've been bothering everybody about with long monologues… Continue reading The Incredible Unknown Power of Fanfiction