Published Work

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Currently working on:

  • Marius (a Harry Potter fanfic about Marius Black)
  • A full-length novel
  • The Tisroc and the King (updated frequently)

Short Stories

Rules of the Altar (2015) – Published in Red Line Magazine in their 2015 ‘Conflict’ issueA woman faces a dark realization about her husband.

Six (2014)- Two gods, six encounters and seven civilizations. Fits the category of original fiction as well as fan fiction (thanks to Bacchus and Calypso from Narnia and Pirates).

En-túmótó (The finding or acquiring of something) (2011) – Swelali was born in the savanna, and there she will live until she dies. 

Fan Fiction

Harry Potter

The limits of cartography (2017) – The Marauder’s Map has Rules. The human world, it turns out, is more complex than that.

Soldier’s Heart (2017) –  “I just didn’t think that things would ever be normal,” he said. “It’s almost autumn again, and last winter we were just trying to survive…”

Scope and Intensity (2016) – Bill returns to Cairo to pack his bags.

The etiquette of retrospect (2016) – In which Ursula Black hosts a party after violently disowning her son, Belvina Black knows all the gossip, and Herbert Burke must get his act together.

The Malfoy Case (2014-2016) – Draco Malfoy finds himself trying to hold together what is left of his family and his fortune, while struggling to escape the looming, almost inevitable future of a lifetime spent in Azkaban. [multi-chapter]

The Opening (2015) – The year is 1925. Eight years after graduating, and in midst of a blizzard, Rolanda Hooch returns to Hogwarts for a job interview. Phineas Nigellus has been waiting.

The Changelings (2015) – On the Twentieth Anniversary of the War’s end, the Daily Prophet interviews the Minister of Magic and last remaining member of the Golden Trio. But some truths are best kept hidden.

Save (2015) – Six days after an unfortunate first Quidditch match, Oliver Wood wakes up in the Hospital Wing.

Monomyth (2015) – Barty’s father never looks.

A Riddle for Nekhenu (2015) – Harry Potter/Ancient Egyptian Mythology. In his relentless quest for immortality, Tom Riddle turns to more ancient powers.

Just Like Us (2015) – Nymphadora looks nothing like her mother. Mixed-race-Tonks!AU

Deep Breaths (2015) – On a mission to learn more about the origins of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, Hermione goes back in time to witness the creation of Slytherin’s locket. But she never expected to come in contact with its creator: Salazar Slytherin himself.

Bright Things (2015) – Amortentia, the book calls the potion, and for the first time magic comes easily. Morfin is wrong. Papa is wrong. Merope can do magic and she can do exceptionally good magic.

The Road Trip (2015) – Albus, Rose and Scorpius have to somehow rescue their uncle Charlie from Giants, and Hugo has a plan. Unfortunately, it involves bringing along the entire family for the ride… and it probably won’t go as smoothly as they think; after all, they ARE Weasleys.

Extraneous Variables (2015) – When the Ministry brings in Fenrir Greyback to test the newly invented Wolfsbane Potion, an intern finds himself questioning the mighty organization that leads the Wizarding World—and its plans for him.

Dust (2015) – Hermione lifts her head to look at him, and he leans sideways beside her, impossibly dark eyes fixed on hers. “Well,” Scabior says lightly. “Who’d you kill, beautiful?” Wild West, Scabior/Hermione, Muggle!AU.

By Omission (2015) – There are some things Sirius Black still hasn’t shared with his friends, though they’ve already started Second Year. With Remus in the Hospital Wing and Lucius Malfoy stirring up trouble, Professor McGonagall helps bring some issues to light.

Middlegame (2015) – He had spent his entire youth feeling like a pawn, and now he was the master of the game. Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition.

Bloodlines (2015) – Once there were Blacks who should have been remembered, but weren’t. After Sirius’ death, Tonks thinks about her forgotten ancestors – and about Remus. Written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition.

A Tapestry of Bruises (2015) –  It’s September 1st, and a tired Lily Evans finds herself locked in the Prefect’s Bathroom with none other than Sirius Black. Friendship fic, written for the Quidditch League Fanfiction Competition.

Gracefully Forgotten (2010) – They would never know, and Harry knew that nobody truly cared. His story was now more fiction than fact.

Emotions of War (2010-) – The years between Hogwarts and the end of the First War, for Peter Pettigrew. From accomplished to failed: A series of short one-shots. [multi-chapter]

Never Tell (2010) – His past had been buried long, on that kitchen step in Godric’s Hollow. His secrets, though, she buried within her.

In The Doorway (2010) – She’s standing there, in the doorway. She’s never seen Gellert so angry.

Not Really (2010) –  Who could ever love Draco Malfoy? And who could ever love Astoria Greengrass? They never loved each other. Not really.

The Chronicles of Narnia

in the andaruni (2016) – “There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah [multi-chapter]

The Tisroc and the King (2015 -) – Something went very differently, and Cor and Aravis never met. As two enemy nations crown their new rulers and are faced with the threat of imminent war, Aravis and Cor find themselves dreaming of a mysterious boy and girl, and a life that could have been. [multi-chapter]

The Left Behind (2015) – When the Four disappear from Narnia, the Council must decide the destiny of the country and crown its new ruler: an unexpected King in a time of unexpected peril, and one who will mark the end of the Golden Age and lead Narnia through the coming Dark Age.

Constellations (2014) Things never happen the same way twice. Two nights under the sky with one thousand three hundred and forty two years (or three) in between.

Passing Seasons (2013) – Summer brings new challenges for the Pevensies. [multi-chapter]

The Daughter of the River God (2010) – The magic has awakened the immortal Daughter of the River God, Sairah. Meanwhile, Miraz is preparing his final blow upon the Old Narnians.

A Look (2010) – Prequel to The Daughter of the River God. Peter and Sairah see each other for the first time.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Erosion (2016) – Furiosa runs.

The Chronicles of Narnia & Pirates of the Caribbean

Chinks and Chasms (2015) – And she finds herself, even as the Black Pearl found her. Susan thinks about death.

Anywhere Out of the World (2014) – “Queen Susan,” he says with pointed politeness that worries her more than his brazen remarks. “I need me ship.”


The Clock (2009) – Twilight. Sometimes, you are jealous of the clock.

Noise (2009) – Twilight. It isn’t only the blood that bothers you. It’s the noise.

Trick or Treat (2009) – Twilight. You often wonder: why are you doing this?

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