Updates: Published short story and new fics!

Rules of the Altar has been published! Follow the link to check it out and also read all of the amazing short stories Red Line Magazine chose for their 'Conflict' issue (spoiler alert: remember that story I told you I really enjoyed? It won the competition!). Submitting to that competition has been a really great experience and … Continue reading Updates: Published short story and new fics!

The Feeling – and a Short Story

It's been a crazy month! But it's been a month of new experiences. In my last post, I mentioned that I was doing a lot of research about the writing world. Well, I now have something to show for myself. Red Line Magazine has graciously accepted and short listed my submission to their 'Conflict' issue, so … Continue reading The Feeling – and a Short Story

Six – A Short Story

first They are young, but not that young –and honestly, neither of them think in terms of time: it is a foreign, meaningless concept invented by the weak who must measure the distance between themselves and their deaths– and it is in this world, because it is always in this world; perhaps she does not … Continue reading Six – A Short Story