The Incredible Unknown Power of Fanfiction

...or "How Fanfiction saved my brain". In the past years, I can't count the number of times people (namely my family) have scolded me for writing fanfiction instead of continuing to write my novels. Actually, they're right. When I'm in the middle of some awesome project that I've been bothering everybody about with long monologues … Continue reading The Incredible Unknown Power of Fanfiction

The sunny agony of non-fiction

I've been told, countless times, that instead of investing my time on writing about unicorns, vampires, clones, gangsters, terrorists, magic, and really messed-up imaginary societies, I should spend the valuable days of my youthful writer-hood (writer-ness, writership?) writing about things I actually know. I've considered this proposal, but have never actually agreed with it. I … Continue reading The sunny agony of non-fiction

The Beginning of being a deity… through writing.

Today, when helping three people teach Children's Moral Education Class to 27 kids in our Youth Month of Service campaign, I started to take pictures. I'm no photographer, but I really enjoy taking weird pictures with the hope that someday I will be able to put good use to them. Among those pictures was the … Continue reading The Beginning of being a deity… through writing.