My one-shots are out of control.

This morning in the shower I totally had the intention of writing a really nice post about all my NaNoWriMo aspirations for this year, and how I’ll be tackling misogyny and racism in a rather blatant way with my new novel. BUT INSTEAD!

For the Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 I ended up writing this (I’ll put it up on sometime in the near future), in response to a Pevensie siblingfic prompt. It ended up a bit darker than I thought it would, but I’m definitely proud of it!

Things never happen the same way twice. Two nights under the sky with one thousand three hundred and forty two years (or three) in between.

And I had no intention to participate in the NFE Madness Round, but then I started looking through the prompts out of curiosity… and this happened. In three days. And I think it’s definitely the best one-shot I’ve ever written, despite the fact that the pairing is Susan Pevensie/Jack Sparrow, which means it’s a crossover fic; I never, ever thought I’d end up writing a crossover fic. And thanks to this I discovered the wonderfulness that is Charles Baudelaire!

“Can’t stop me, love,” he pronounces with an impudent wink that she feels rather than sees as she lets the arrow loose. She finds him staring at her, his smile in stark contrast to the gravity in his eyes. “Queen Susan,” he says with pointed politeness that worries her more than his brazen remarks. “I need me ship.”

AND THEN I was totally sitting down to immerse myself in the study of modern-day technology and the roles of women and people of color (I don’t say PoC because it immediately registers as Pirates of the Caribbean in my mind- I’m so sorry) in the 1950s, when I started going through the reviews of the Jack/Susan fic and someone made Bacchus/Calypso magically appear in my mind and I NEED TO WRITE THIS NOW.

And somehow that’s getting me listening to Mongolian music… I still don’t really understand how I got there but it happened somehow and I have all this beautiful scenery in my head and I just know I’m going to think of another one-shot really soon.

I think my brain is out of control. I cannot afford to invest more time in writing fanfiction. must focus on research which is really necessary at this point because I have less than a month until I have to write 50,000 words of a novel whose main character doesn’t even have a name yet!

So I’m pretty sure I’m going to spend the rest of the day obsessively going through pages on roman mythology and the beautiful, beautiful PotC wiki… but hopefully once I get this out of my system I’ll actually be able to sit down and work on my novel.

At least I’m producing something *makes excuses*.

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