Ten strangely related things and one convoluted genre

Apparently the genre I’m planning to write is science fiction alternate history mystery. Which rhymes, and sort of makes me wonder if it’s really a genre or if it’s more of an awkward combination of words. Also, a friend just told me that the genre is officially called dieselpunk… but I just found retrofuturism, and now I’m confused… so I might just keep going with science fiction alternate history mystery

I took it from Century of Rain’s wikipedia article, so it must be real, right?

Not that I’m writing a Century of Rain ripoff (though I’m sure it would be a successful ripoff; that book is awesome). I’m just trying to find an accurate way to label a story that so far seems to be including the following things:

1. A stubborn American Latina FMC journalist.

2. A quiet but adorably witty and startlingly intelligent photographer MMC.

3. No actual romance. At least I don’t think so. If I end up shipping people too much it might happen, though.

4. Villas built in orbit for famous people in the 1950s.

5. Slightly insane Rock Stars hiding an elaborate crime.

6. Lots of glittery clothes.

7. Racism and misogyny.

8. A vicious system built to oppress female intellect (wow, wouldn’t that be horrible).

9. A really, really fun adventure.

10. Quirky humor and non-stop action.

Somehow, these ten points need to connect together perfectly to form the most entertaining novel I have ever written. And somehow I have to come up with exactly what it’s about before November sneaks up on me.

I think it’s time to send out a few emails and try and get the information I desperately need to conjure up an accurate setting in which this story is meant to unfold. And I need to come up with a proper title.

What’s the weirdest genre you’ve ever written or read?

2 thoughts on “Ten strangely related things and one convoluted genre

  1. Fellow WriMo here!

    This post makes me think of China Mieville’s The City and The City, which is very sci-fi with a mystery premise and parallel worlds.

    Hope everything is coming together! The “villas built in orbit for famous people in the 1950s” sound intriguing.


    1. I’d never heard of that book, but I added it to my wish list now, thanks!
      That phrase sounds intriguing to me, too, but I still haven’t found a way to incorporate it… the novel is sort of working so far; I hope your novel is coming along nicely as well! 🙂


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