Seven words I constantly misspell

At day #12 of NaNoWriMo, I’m quickly realizing the words that I seem unable to spell correctly no matter how many times I write them.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. I know how to write these words -at least, some part of my brain must know, because I correct myself every time- but no matter how many times I write each one of these words, I always end up misspelling them; even if I literally wrote them last less than a minute ago.

So, here it is… the list of words that I’ve compiled over the past week and a half, and will probably misspell again, now that I’m writing them:

 Misspell: I KNOW. It’s Misspell, but I always write mispell. You don’t know how many times I made this mistake while writing this post. I need to learn to think of the word as Ms. Pell; maybe that’ll help.

Career: I always write carreer. Maybe it has to do with my knowledge of Spanish, and that’s why I identify the ‘r’ sound as ‘rr’?

OppressionRemember that post I wrote sometime ago? Yeah, well, I kept writing opression the entire time.

AcrossI write accross. I don’t know why.

OccasionallyWell, there already are two letters that are written twice… so I might as well go all out and write it occassionally…?

Triumphant: For some reason, it’s always thriumphant. Which actually sounds a bit more triumphant in my brain; I really like how it sounds. BUT THAT’S NOT HOW THE WORD IS.

 Possess: It’s four ‘s’ in a single word; which, in my opinion, is a little weird, but whatever… it’s still not okay to write posess. That would be like the feminine of pose, or something.


I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I’ve noticed lately. I hope I’m not the only one who can’t seem to learn how to spell things properly!

What words are your constant enemies?

If you feel like procrastinating a little more today, here’s  my interview at The Kelworth Files, where I talk about writing, breakfast, and share a weird picture of a giraffe. You won’t regret it.

5 thoughts on “Seven words I constantly misspell

  1. I misspell a lot of words I use costantly, like ‘abotu’ instead of ‘about’, ‘liek’ instead of ‘like’, ‘btu’ instead of ‘but’. And you can see it isn’t because I don’t know how they’re written, I mean, that’s a no-brainer. It’s rather as if my fingers get creative all the time and do what they want instead of what I wond.

    Isn’t that annoying? I spend a lot of time correcting these things 😦


  2. Oh yeah… I call those speed-typos xD I don’t have that many of those anymore, but they get increasingly worse according to how fast I’m typing. My problem is with these words that I mess up when I should know better, but I just keep forgetting how to write them! With speed-typos, at least, you can just blame it on how fast of a writer you are 😛


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